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    How to adjust the gas pressure on water heaters

                              How to adjust the gas pressure on water heaters          

    Hot water heaters that depend on gas are fed via series of supply lines and high pressure ball valves that manage the flow of the gas. Almost all warm water heaters self-regulate the amount of force that is launched into the heating element. This means that amount of gas click here force generally cannot be regulated manually. Anyway, the high pressure ball valve that launch gas into the line of supply can become stuck in a open-part, part-closed place, which can decrease the performance of the gas. Making sure the high pressure ball valve is fully unlock will make sure the top possible performance from your warm water heater.

    It is vital to ensure the gas valve is completely open on warm water heater lines.

    Step 1

    Place the high pressure ball valve along the line of gas that feeds into your water warmer. The line of gas is generally yellow colored and the high pressure ball valve will expected to be blue or red.

    Use a flashlight to view in dark places.

    Step 2

    Note the place of the high pressure ball valve. If the control device is turned to be completely "On position, there is nothing more you can perform to adjust the gas force.

    If the control device is not turned all the way, but warm water is being generated, turn the control device all the way to the "On" place.

    Step 3

    If the control device is partially in the "On" position but there is no warm water, turn the valve to the "Off" place and wait 5 minutes. Turn the control device to the "On" place, turn the gas valve on the warm water heater to the "Pilot" place.

    Press down on the "ignition" key until you view the pilot frame within the heater. Turn the gas control device to the "On" or "Run" position.

    Maintaining your water heater

    You probably take your house storage tank water heater for granted, since it does its job silently and is housed out of the way, but annually maintenance can make your water heater last longer and job well. Read the appliance manual, if you have one. If you do not, you may want to get one from the producer or through internet. You may feel more relax scheduling a skilled expert to do it.

    Check the pressure relief control device. This valve shows a little handle at the top of the discharge pipe that is placed vertically on the outside of the tank. If you have an issue locating the pipe and the high pressure ball valve, check the manual. If this part is not working rightly, it can lead to-in the worst- an explosion - case scenario. Though rare, it is very a best reason to get your water heater checked yearly.

    How to check the pressure relief valve:

    • Put a bucket within the pipe and lift the lever
    • Water should appear of the pipe into the bucket.


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